“Autumn is the time of picturesque tranquillity.” (Sir Kristian Goldmund Aumann)

Every season has its own charm and brings with it beautiful colours and unique sceneries. Long hot summer days are over and now is the perfect time to explore the beautiful lake, go on a hiking tour and really take in all the beauty you see around you. No crowd just a cool autumn breeze, colourful sceneries and a hot drink to brighten up your day.

Explore the beautiful area and visit:
  • 7 Triglav Lakes Valley

  • The source of the Bistrica river

  • Pršivec

  • Govic waterfall & cave

  • Vogar, Voje valley, Mostnica Gorge

  • Triglav 2864 – guided tour

  • Savica waterfall

  • Church of St.John the Baptist

  • Viewpoint from Hill Peč

  • Vodnik viewpoint in Koprivnik

  • Rudnica Hill

  • Ajdovski Gradec (archaeological site)